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Renter's Checklist

What should you keep in mind when renting a new home? We've gathered information from our agents and the community to create a complete list of steps to help you with your renting process.

Establish a Budget Keeping in Mind Utilities and Furniture Cost.

In Qatar some rental properties are inclusive of furniture and all utilities, while others you pay for one and not the other. Make sure that you plan for these extra fees, whether it is including it in your monthly rent price, or having the additional charges each month. Kahramaa is the main supplier of water and electricity in Qatar. Qatar Cool is a district cooling system which functions in West Bay and The Pearl. Ooredoo is Qatar's local telecommunications provider for mobile, home, internet packages, and Mosaic TV. Vodafone is a second telecommunicatio provider in Qatar and are the sole provider in The Pearl Qatar. You can ask your leasing agent for assistance in registering and setting up your utilities.

Choose a Location & Explain your Priorities to your Leasing Agent

As Qatar continues to grow, its districts become more and more varied. The business district West Bay, is a very fun and hip district to live in especially for couples or singles. Rent prices are typically higher in this area compared to the suburb districts such as Abu Hamour or Gharafa, where you can rent a villa for the price of an apartment in West Bay. Express to your agent what qualities you are looking for in your property location and they can assist you in zoning in on a district.

Attend Viewings and make a Decision Based on your Key Priorities.

After you have chosen certain zones for where you would like to live, your agent will organise a list of properties to take you on viewings. It is important for you to visit the property to see its surroundings and visualise yourself in the space.

Check for any Maintenance issues and Ask how Long Repairs will Take

Once you have selected a property be sure to scan the house for any and all maintenance issues. Check the electricity, make sure all lightbulbs are working and switches are wired correctly. Check all plumbing for leaks and make sure the water heaters functioning. Check AC units for leakage, noise and air flow. It is important you scan the entire property to avoide any surprise fees at the end of your tenancy. Be sure to request all maintenacne issues be resolved as soon as possible to avoide any delay to your move in date.

Ask your Agent About any Leasing Fees & Prepare your Documents

In Qatar it is typical to have one months rent up front, a security deposit which is equal to one month, and often times an agency fee. Agency fees range from company to comany. Be sure to ask your agent which fees will be required upon signing your contract and know that if you have given checks, when will they be deposited. Documents you should gather include proof of employment, NOC from sponor and a copy of your passport and residence permit.

Be Sure to Thoroughly Review the Contract & Agree on a Move in Date

As you do in renting any property, be sure to thoroughly review your contract. If you have anything you have questions about, would like to add or remove, disucss with your leasing agent before signing the final draft. Make sure you have agreed with the landlord a move in date. You may have to wait a few days for maintenance to be completed or possibly furniture updates before your move in.


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